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Traditional middle-market M&A firms bring a high level of sophistication at the expense of their ability to offer their clients ample focus. On the other hand, business brokers can offer time and attention to their clients but are not equipped to execute more complex transactions. EQA exists so you don’t have to compromise.

The EQA Process

  • Obtain a deep and thorough understanding of both our client’s motivations for transacting and the unique value proposition of their business. 

  • Identify and prioritize the various strategies capable of achieving the client’s personal and professional transaction objectives.

  • Clearly define and articulate the company’s greatest future potential and develop a credible blueprint to get there.

  • Identify and engage a universe of buyers whose existing platform and resources allow for the highest return on an acquisition.

  • Create a competitive atmosphere that both highlights the benefits of an acquisition and the risks of losing the opportunity to a competitor.

  • Coordinate with client’s trusted advisors including their legal and accounting teams to ensure a timely and effective closing.

Quarterbacking the Advisory Team

EQA stresses the importance of a transaction advisory team with M&A deal-specific experience and a comprehensive understanding of how the transaction will impact the client relative to their area of expertise.

Finding the right advisor that is best suited for the industry and market of the client is critical to a successful transaction process. For many companies in the lower middle market, it is important to strike a balance between transaction sophistication and advisor focus. 

“The EQA team was able to quickly get up to speed on the differentiators within our niche and demonstrate that value to eleven qualified suitors, leading to a deal that was better than we thought possible. EQA’s ability to forecast, explain and comfort us through the process never let us down and the deal went down just as they said it would. I would have been more than happy to pay twice what we did, they are true professionals.”
-Benny Siljenberg Co-Founder & Vice President, Lithos Engineering

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